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Apr 28, 2013 5:00am PDT
of st. louis soul food. >> family is very important to me because those are the people you can depend on. if i have them taste that chicken, and it tastes good, it goes on the menu. >> black and brown people being healthier than ever before, being able to live longer and do great things and that has held us down. that's what's going on in our world, next. >>> "our world with black ♪ i'm ready to go ♪ oh, oh ♪ oh, oh ♪ i'm ready to go ♪ [ male announcer the all-new 2013 rav4. welcome to new orleans. thank you! thank you! ♪ where y'all from? [ alall new orleans! [ male announcer spacious, smart, stylish, and down 4 whatever. ♪ toyota. let's go places. >>> welcome to "our world with black enterprise." she has been heating up tv screens across the country, now she shares her recipe for success. mrs. robbie montgomery. can i call you mrs. robbie? >> yes. >> congratulations, you're on the third season of your show now. >> i can hardly believe it. i was praying that it made it through number one, and now we're on three. >> the reason i love it and my family loves it is we get to s
Apr 5, 2013 11:00am PDT
prevented st. louis from going onto the world series. one of the players crucial to that suck was fitcher barry zito who coincidentally will be throwing out the first pitch starting for the giants. a couple of things inside the park, if you're going to be coming not just today but any day, they have added more free charging stations for your smartphone with lockers, so you can go back to your seat while your phone gets juice. the team dramatically increased wi-fi with antennas in the park, more than double what they had before. pout 20 minutes ago i stopped by the box office to see how many tickets they had. they were almost sold out. they said they had about 100. that was 20 minutes ago. you could probably show up and get a ticket, try stub hub, maybe wait until another day. st. louis cardinals. buster posey honored for national mvp award he received last season. sunday all members of the team will receive their championship rings. the gates at at&t park about to open in a minute. i think we'll get out of here so we don't get bum rushed. in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >
Apr 27, 2013 11:00pm PDT
're heading to the playoffs. st. louis or >> mike: the giants have now lost four straight. the question is can they right the ship and prevent a sweep on sunday. crawford, shortened the swing and it's working. top three. two-rub shot. 3-0 good-men. now the padres sack barry zito with sick runs -- six runs in the third. hunter pence retakes the lead in the fifth. two out, two on triple. buster posey scores from first. 7-6 giants but the padres tie it in the seventh. rbi single. 7-7. bottom 12ment padres, man on third, nick hundley, rocket to second. and scutaro boots it. giants lose, 8-7. >> oakland honoring the 1973 world championship team with reggie jackson throwing out the first pitch. markakis delivers a bomb off griffin. ties the game. next batter, with former ace sal bando looking on. griffin had seven strikeouts in seven. in the ninth. lorrie, game ending double play. and session sped deshopefully deshopefully--deb cespedes hopefully returns tomorrow. >> sharks in their final game in l.a. a win they start in st. louis, and a loss, vancouver. these two rivals don't like each other. secon
Apr 28, 2013 2:00am PDT
to the playoffs. st. louis or >> mike: the giants have now lost four straight. the question is can they right the ship and prevent a sweep on sunday. crawford, shortened the swing and it's working. top three. two-rub shot. 3-0 good-men. now the padres sack barry zito with sick runs -- six runs in the third. hunter pence retakes the lead in the fifth. two out, two on triple. buster posey scores from first. 7-6 giants but the padres tie it in the seventh. rbi single. 7-7. bottom 12ment padres, man third, nick hundley, rocket to second. and scutaro boots it. giants lose, 8-7. >> oakland honoring the 1973 world championship team with reggie jackson throwing out the first pitch. markakis delivers a bomb off griffin. ties the game. next batter, with former ace sal bando looking on. griffin had seven strikeouts in seven. in the ninth.rrie, game en play. and session sped deshopefully deshopefully--deb cespedes hopefully returns tomorrow. >> sharks in their final game in l.a. a win they start in st. louis, and a loss, vancouver. these two rivals don't like each other. second period, shot popped up in
Apr 7, 2013 5:00pm PDT
concluded today with the championship ring ceremony. then the series finale against st. louis began and all was good until a nightmare of the fourth inning for matt cain, when something is transported with white gloves, it's a great deal. rings arrived on a cable car trolley, a proud moment for the players and franchise. second final the free years. angel pagan got the giants on the board first. then the wheels come off for cain. like batting practice for st. louis. tagged for nine runs. worst appearance since april 2008. st. louis gave up nine runs then. won 3-2/3, just like today. 14-3 the final. cardinals take two of three. the giants play colorado tomorrow might. >> wonder what josh reddick would look like as an astro in there you go. bud anderson gets his first one of the year two runs on five hits and ten streak you hads. jed lowrie, 3-5 today, hitting an even .500 to start the season. his third home run. solo shot. following in, coco crisp. third long ball of the series, five rbis. oakland with the 5-0 lead. here'ss' bad news. josh reddick, chasing the foul ball. slides into the wall
Apr 27, 2013 9:00pm EDT
the st. loui over the years i he heard many conflicting stories about fdr pass role and what he knew and what he didn't know. two of my college professors 20 2020 years apart said if only harry truman had been in the white house the st. louis would have landed in the united states. i do know that there was some individual rather prominent in the state department who is very anti-semitic and he was the one who influenced who whoever had to be implants to keep the st. louis away. to what degree did fdr know are not now what was going on with respect to the st. louis? brokerage from was the assistant secretary of state. very anti-semitic and he lied to congress when there were meetings about letting morgenthau in. what fdr did, he allowed several thousand jewish to stay who had overstayed their temporary passport and the passengers on the ship went to european places where they thought they would be safe and israel was the only place that they would be. belgium was the other one. fdr heard quite early on from a friend of his, a woman who is a medical doctor saying how badly do not cease
Apr 28, 2013 6:30am EDT
is in one of the archives right now. >> i have a question about the st. louis. over the years i've heard many conflicting stories about fdr's role, what he knew, what he did know. i met you at my college professors 20 years apart said only hampered -- harry truman had been in the white house the st. louis would've landed in the united states. i do know that there was some individual rather prominent in the state department who was very anti-semitic and he is the one who influenced, whoever had to be influenced, to keep the st. louis away. to what degree did fdr know or not know what was going on with his back to the st. louis? >> breckenridge long, he was assistant secretary of state. very anti-semitic, and he lied to congress when the readings about letting more choosing, more passports. what fdr had done, he allowed a lot i think several thousand jews to stay who outstayed a temporary passports, and the passengers on that ship went to european places where they thought they would be safe, and india was the only place they would be. belgium was one of the other ones. fdr only hurt, fdr
Apr 1, 2013 1:00am EDT
between five or 6,000 jews to reach cuba before they change policy with respect to the st. louis and the administration worked with the relief organizations to find safe havens for all passengers and this is before the holocaust people thought it was written in france and belgium so the whole story of the st. louis has been badly distorted then you have the third roosevelt after the outbreak of world war ii imagine if they had gotten in there would have been a disaster to undermine the top priority to prepare the nation for a possible war and immediately for a to the allies as they said the tanks to the british there'd be no israel and jewish state but then you have the final roosevelt who sets up a war refugee board and personally tries to use diplomacy to get the jewish state in palestine and ultimately evil was stronger than the forces of good is putting greater prairie on the killing of jews and a good did with this terrible war you cannot point* your finger at anyone it is all of us. >>host: talking to american and percy professor allan lichtman about his most recent book p
Apr 5, 2013 6:00am PDT
and laura, first of three games against the st. louis cardinals. we are joined right now by mario alioto, the senior v.p. of business operations. you are raising the flag before the game? >> yes. >> you are playing against the st. louis cardinals? yes. >> there is no strategy in it for them. >> we opened up against the cardinals. both times, they are going to stand there and watch us raise the flag. we beat them out in the national league world championship league. you are not going to say who is throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. >> raising the flag is a big deal. we have spent a lot of time how we are going to top that two years ago, brian wilson surprised everyone and ran up. we have a great ceremony planned. we are not going to release that one. you know us, we like to keep some secrets up our sleeve. it is going to be a really fun afternoon. >> tickets, are they still available? >> opening day, we are just about sold out at this point. we sold tickets for the visiting team. there will be a few stragglers that will get back to the window. if you are thinking about it, probably
Apr 14, 2013 6:30pm EDT
degrees in st. louis. some of that warmth will head in our direction. we'll let you know the details and spotty showers in the seven- day forecast coming up. >>> when you have the united states and china telling you to get in line and behave you know it is bad. will north korea knock it off when it comes to scaring world? we are going to seoul where south koreans are going about their business. >> reporter: america's top tip low mat landed in japan as the standoff with north korea continues. the u.s. vowed to protect any allies against the attack. >> north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the united states will, if needed, depend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: amid the talk of worse case military possibilities life continues in seoul with people who spent their whole lives being threatened and don't want to let fear control them. >> we want to act as if things will be as normal and nothing would happen. that's thousand it is supposed to be. >> reporter: it is a beautiful sunny day here. families are more likely to picnic than panic. conversations are more
Apr 3, 2013 5:00pm PDT
is heating up. a st. louis tea party police sergeant is penalized by his precinct for advocating a change in the laws. and ppp does a very special poll of american conspiracy theories and who believes what. we'll explore with elaine boosler and lizz winstead. the result will make you want to find your passport. today is the 89th birthday of marlon brando and the great singer and musician from the band richard manuel would have been 70, and eddie murphy is 52. and today marks the 40 year anniversary of the first ever hand-held mobile cell phone call tomorrow marks the 40 year anniversary of the first spam for free ringtones this is "viewpoint." >> john: i'm john fugelsang. good evening, this is "viewpoint." the overwhelming gender gab in last november's election may have allowed democrats to feel like they had won the national war on women. but it is the republicans who are waging and winning the battles of women's reproductive freedom at the local level--state by state. in alabama a bill passed the senate yesterday that will limit access to abortions by requiring that doctors who provide
Apr 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
concerns, too. that river is cresting near st. louis. the river that we're now worried about is more of the illinois river. it's going to crest in peoria on tuesday. that's where we could have more destruction done and millions of dollars and south of there as we go into wednesday. again, the mississippi, it's cresting now just north of st. louis. and it should go down from here. looking at the weather pattern over the west, trying to think about, you know, what's interesting, what's going to happen, what concerns do we have. it's really going to be a very quiet weather period. we'll have morning clouds to deal with in a few coastal areas of california. other than that, here's a map that's given to us by our government estimating the precipitation in the week ahead. the green shows you where it will be light rain around the country. the blue and darker blues and purple shows you where the heavy rain will be. look at the west from california to oregon to washington, over the next week, you'll be hard pressed to any raindrops at all besides maybe next weekend in the cascades. i mean, i
Apr 7, 2013 5:30pm PDT
into the deepest part of the park with the bases loaded. this saved the giants a run, st. louis in front 3-2. that mattered little by the time the inning was over. 5-2 with the bases loaded again. matt carpenter drives in two more. cardinals were still in a scoring mood. carlos, base hit scoring two more, by the time the inning was over, cardinals were in front. they go on to win, hanging 15 hits on five giants pitchers, giants drop, colorado if for the first of three. >> >> in milwaukee, you could say he gets all of this. that's a two-run homer, diamond backs needed both runs. milwaukee got one in the bottom of the inning, 8-7, arizona, d backs 5-1 are as the rockies. >> >> oakland a as doing their best impersian nation of the bronx bombers. newest member of the al west, houston astros. oakland in front, 2-0 in the third and lowery hits one, two- run homer against the team that traded him in february. crisp not known as a long ball hitter has three for the season after this shot to right in the fourth. 5-0, a's and then in the fifth, chris
Apr 27, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. >>> sharks final regular season game in l.a. a win over the kings and they started start in st. louis they are going will begin the playoffs in vancouver. they don't like each other. second period, he gets the kings on the board first. he eventually knocked in his own rebound. sharks answer, and two defenders we're tied at 1. kings regain the lead. 2-1 l.a. and second intermission also complete highlights coming up at 11:00. >> sharks another starting on the road thanks to the st. louis blues, beat the blackhawks. david schwartz two goals in the game. it will be a rematch of last year's playoffs. >> warriors hoping to take a commanding 3-1 series lead with game four at oracle. meanwhile, rockets, game three, russell westbrook and knee surgery and dur ant is doing just fine without him. he is beast. he had 17 in the first quarter. 3-0 series lead and they win it. >>> four seconds left in the first ot, nate robinson, third quarter. bulls up 2 and they think they have it won. johnson says no not so fast. third ot, th exhausted and chicago takes a 3-1 series lead with a 142-131 final. >>
Apr 8, 2013 2:00am PDT
the spring. very lucky. haven't had tornado fatalities in over a month. they approach st. louis, peoria, springfield and rain will be towards chicago during the morning rush hour. later today, though, as our spring storm comes out of the plains. the areas of yellow for large hail, possibly damaging winds and tornadoes near the colorado/kansas border mostly avoiding the big cities but this storm will then slowly move to the east and looks like on tuesday, a much larger area of concern. the area of yellow, severe weather risk, tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening, this includes kansas city, oklahoma city, tulsa, wichita all the way down into dallas, austin and later in the day approaching areas of st. louis and kansas city and southern portions of iowa. tuesday looks like the biggest severe weather day and on top of all that, it's going to snow. it is going to snow hard. that's a snow -- i have to get a snowfall map calling for as much as 6 to 12 inches from wyoming down to denver? >> it's never ending. >> it's typical of denver to get snow in april but they don't like it. >>> was extortion
Apr 30, 2013 12:00pm EDT
overturned in columbus, ohio while returning from st. louis. fortunately no one suffered a serious injury. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the bus is operated by platinum magic carpet ride in waldorf, maryland. the man behind platinum once ran lydia bus tours which was closed down last year. >> they changed their colors. they're abc trucking company or bus company one day and xyz company the next day. >> the drivers and vehicles of platinum magic carpet ride have never been inspected. >>> jury deliberations are set to get under way in the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion provider. dr. kermit gosnell has been accused of killing four babies born alive after botched abortions. marley hall reports from philadelphia that gosnell could get the death penalty if he's convicted. >> reporter: lawyers in the murder trial after philadelphia abortion provider arrived at court this morning where jurors are set to begin deliberating the fate of dr. kermit gosnell. the 72-year-old veteran doctor is accused of cutting the spinal cords of four babies born alive following illegislate-t
FOX News
Apr 11, 2013 2:00am PDT
been injured. >> this picture shaped as lightening hit the arch in st. louis. ten that he is of thousands woke up without power. >> straight to maria molina. >> incredible images coming out of those areas. i want to show you where we saw severe weather. it was very widespread. from texas to louisiana even into the new york city area we received reports of either large hail or damaging wind gusts. there were 6 reported tornadoes including places across arkansas and also the st. louis missouri area. as we head into the area extremely warm system as it continues to head eastbound. another big area is heavy rain. houston texas all of the way up to detroit michigan. widespread area impacted by areas of heavy rain. on the backside we have cold air coming in behind the storm and we have snow, significant snow anywhere from 8-12 inches can fall across minnesota. freezing rain has been another concern. ice storm warning has been in effect across eastern parts of minnesota where you can see half an muinch of ice. dangerous driving conditions out there if you are trying to head out t
Apr 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
just still use more help. >> reporter: this town 75 miles north of st. louis has flooded at least 4 times in the last 18 years. this year, it's come early. the high water forced the army corps of engineers to close locks and halt traffic. two bridges were closed for several hours after more than 100 barges broke loose saturday night south of st. louis. it's a far cry from just a few months ago when drought conditions threatened to bring river traffic to a standstill. rivers are rising fast across a huge swath of the midwest, a result of last week's storms dumping a month's worth of rain in just a few hours. it triggered widespread flash flooding and sinkholes in chicago and caused dozens of rivers to swell. evacuations are under way, roads closed as hundreds of acres of farmland are swallowed by water. at least three deaths are blamed on the floodwaters. in central indiana, today, authorities found the body of a man swept away by rising water. >> 911 called, and they said water picked his truck up. last words he said call bob baker, which is me. >> reporter: in lowell, michigan, nea
Apr 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
this is a battle out there. >> and giants with their pitching beat st. louis this afternoon continuing to haunt cardinals. we'll have complete highlights and reaction from the giants home opening win later in sports. >> excitement continues tomorrow catcher buster posey will receive this trophy, then, sunday receiving their brand new championship rings. that game begins at 1:05. >> a president apology a bit of back pedaling. plus free advice and help bay area homeowners are getting to stay in their homes. >> sprinkles from our north may move in. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> apple new head quarters are controversial. why does costing a billion dollars more than the new >>> president obama apologized to california's attorney general for remarks made during a bay area fund-raiser said you have to be careful to say she's brilliant and dedicated and she's tough then goes ton say she happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country. well, today, the white house says the president called harris to apologize for the comment and distraction it's caused. >> he di
Apr 5, 2013 5:00am PDT
's going on. >> reporter: good morning. threet-game series against the st. louis cardinals starts here today at at&t park, first pitch at 1:35. what makes this home opener different than any other in major league baseball is the factor as you mentioned, that the giants are coming off their 2012 world series win. they will be celebrating. at sunday's game, the players will be present td with their 2012 world series rings. tomorrow, the team will honor catcher, buster posy for his taking of the national mvp award and today, the team will raise the 2012 world series flag here at at&t park. this is the second time the team has done that in three years. you might recall the home opener in 2011 when giants great willie mays walked out the 2010 flag. not clear if someone will do that today. this afternoon's flag ceremony will not be easy for the st. louis cardinals to digest. the giants took them out in the national championship league last year denying them a shot at the world series. the player crucial to making that p ha, pitcher, barry zito, who shut out the cards for almost eight innings
Apr 9, 2013 6:00am EDT
, kevin. do you want to bring up the red? that kicked st. louis's -- last night? >> no. i was going to say, if you noticed, when asset prices are going up, stock prices go up. but when the asset prices start to come down, there is an immediate attachment that's going to be reflective in the economic news. so that elasticity is wa quantitative easing is. and so, you know, we have to see how that plays out over time. >> all right. >> i don't know if japan is -- >> thank you, kevin ferry. thank you. >>> did you look at the cover of the daily news? did you see the cookie monster? oh, he's a cookie monster impersonator. he's shaking down the kid for some money. it's a bollywood actress mother slapped the cookie monster. >> way to go, lady. i have seen some of these characters. elmo was in times square when you walked through. there was a bunch of elmos. they would say, do you want the take your picture? you would say sure. and then they would say pay up and they would chase you down if you didn't pay up. >> the kid was 2 that he shoved. >>> coming up, we have another corporate shakedown. we'll
Apr 12, 2013 1:00am PDT
spread mayhem through this suburb of st. louis. >> you could just see the wind and feel it coming. i shut the door and started walking this way and i got about, right about where he is now and everything just went and it threw me in there to the kitchen against that wall. >> reporter: governor jay nixon declared a state of emergency in missouri after this monster springtime storm pummeled st. louis and other parts of the state. during this storm, lightning ominously strikes the iconic st. louis arch. >> i feel very, very blessed, very blessed. lucky to be alive. >> reporter: in arkansas, at least one tornado touched down, destroying this church along with dozens of homes. this truck was on the road when the storm hit. >> all of a sudden you couldn't see nothing. then all of a sudden, i just started spinning out of control for a long time. then all of a sudden, it just stopped and then you know, only thing i could do was pray and ask the lord, you know, to not let me die. >> reporter: amazingly, no one in missouri or in arkansas is believed to have been killed or seriously injured. further
Apr 14, 2013 10:00pm EDT
from boston, st. louis, miami and newport, rhode island, petitions from oklahoma and suggests from saratoga, valley forge, monticello and williamsburg. bizarre communications signed by chase osborn of positive some poke and possum lane somewhere in georgia. [laughter] site plans from south dakota and photographs from philadelphia. starting with a smattering of five suggested capitals in 1-9d 45, the proposed locations increased by 13 in october, 17 more in thof and then a torrent of 85 in december. a few suggestions arrived for locations outside the united states, but most of the correspondence came from american public officials, publishers, business leaders and other individuals promoting their own hometowns. and the appeals became more and more elaborate. these are some examples of the promotional materials that landed in the mail in london. philadelphia is at this point, um, still promoting its historic significance as its main ea peel. you see chicago situating itself at the center of the planet. and on the right what san francisco called a pro sure finish. [laughter] but it's
Apr 5, 2013 6:00am PDT
, and the excitement is definitely building as the world chap san francisco giants host st. louis in the home opener and will raise the 2012 world series championship flag with percent ans returning home after winning two of three games against los angeles which starts the 2013 season. starting pitcher is zitto coming off the biggest season if years, an amazing come back season and he has no reason toking nostalgic and is focused and ready for a brand new season. the cast of jersey boys will sing the national anthem but the team is keeping a lid on who is throwing out the first pitch. the game starts at 1:35 but if you are coming to the game give yourself a lot of extra time to be here at leyla gulen mentioned there will be street closures on king between 2nd and 3rd. tickets are still available for the game at $60 each but they are standing-room only. no worries, it is still giants' baseball at 1:35. >> new this morning, the labor department released the march jobs report in the last 35 minutes and it shows fewer than expect the jobs were created last month. there is a drop in the nation's unemploy
Apr 16, 2013 6:00am EDT
a line of storms from st. louis to toledo, ohio approaching detroit. this front responsible for these storms will be in our neighborhood tomorrow. i don't think it will be nearly as active as what we're looking at but a better chance for a couple of showers late tonight and then on wednesday. this morning we've got that southeasterly influence so air mass is coming in off the atlantic. down to 50 in east easton. la plata 53. 57 culpeper and leesburg. a light jacket will do you right with highs into the 70s. let's turn it over to monika samtani for your very latest timesaver traffic. >>> i'm keeping you updated on this accident on the bw parkway. good morning, everybody. it's on the northbound side of the parkway. stepping out live to show you live what's going on there from our sky 9 and this is right near powder mill road, one lane blocked, right lane blocked on the northbound side so keep this in mind. it is slowing things down trying to get past the accident. luckily it's against the rush hour flow but nevertheless still causing slow traffic on the northbound side of the
Apr 7, 2013 10:00pm PDT
our st. louis hospital in the mission. they're the priors of critical health deliver as well as major employers. members of the board have taken a strong leadership role working with my office to bring a proposal back to the community that delivers jobs and most importantly critical health care for our city were we're going to get it done. and that brings me arrest warrant why we're here today. a college track and education. i hear from businesses that they're number one priority is education. they would like nothing better to hire san franciscans but they often struggle to find their candidates. and it's clear to me the only way our city will continue to be strong is if we support the improvement of our city schools. in many cities they choose to address the keegs challenges by picking fights and appointing fingers but once again not in 90 san francisco. together we strive for excellence in our public schools not excused. last year, i met with our community leaders the first time in our memories the mayor and others and we all agree that technology, expediting our kids earlier with t
Apr 24, 2013 2:00am PDT
slowly better down here in the st. louis area. up in fargo, north dakota, they're just getting ready. this spring's storms, spring rain is accelerating the melt of the snow. they're bringing in sand bags and getting ready to get started up there. it's had a serious toll. we know that four people are dead and one woman is missing from this flooding, zoraida. >> what can you tell us about the search for that missing woman? i believe she's from peru. illinois, that is. >> reporter: illinois. she is 62 years old. her name is nancy greening. last friday officials were out in a plane surveying flooding and taking photographs. they spotted a woman next to a white van in a flooded out road completely surrounded by water. they couldn't land there to try to help her. when they went out to try to look for her, they couldn't find her. they posted this picture on facebook, saying, does anyone know who this woman is? people connected her with a missing woman, nancy greening, in peru, and the search is on. now they've had to suspend the search because the conditions are too dangerous to be out ther
Apr 7, 2013 11:30pm PDT
on friday and got their championship rings today. st.louis cardinals did their best to remind them that none of that matters in 2013. >>> a moving pregame ceremony did see the jazz get a chance to do this for the second time in three years. a win would have made the day complete. giants jumped to a 2-0 lead until things went really bad in the fourth. they suddenly figured him out. then with the bases loaded matt adams won at the deepest part of the at&t park. the fact that was a ground rule double saved the giants temporarily. the bases loaded again. and matt carpenter drove in the single. that hasn't happened to a giant's pitcher since 1902. mahare replaced court instructs -- replaced cane. there was 9-2 st. louis makes it two out of three and the giants celebratory weekend winning 14-2 wasn't exactly the party cane and he has teammates had in mind. >> for myself and the rest of the guys i wish i had done better to keep the excitement going. but for some reason for the first three innings, and it fell apart. >> we missed. we were missing on the play book more than usual. >> we will try to r
Apr 14, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. tonight, we have a little -- kansas city to st. louis. watch this. this is the beginning of severe weather this week. hail and damaging wind threat, st. louis, tulsa, oklahoma city tomorrow. >> ginger zee, great to have with you with us. thank you. >>> we're going to turn to washington tonight. and last week, we reported on lawmakers and their debate over whether to have a debate on gun control. after a vote, they will, this week. many are certain the reason why, the mothers and fathers from newtown, who lined the halls of congress with pictures of their children. here's abc's reena ninan tonight. >> reporter: they are the sweet angelic faces of the newtown victims. making it uncomfortable for lawmakers to do nothing. >> sometimes i close my eyes. and all i can remember is that awful day, waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse for the boy who would never come home. >> reporter: raw. emotional. and refusing to leave washington. the families of newtown victims finding unexpected allies. joe manchin, risking his a-rating from the nra, and putting his name on bipartisan legislation for
Apr 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
of them broke free of their moorings saturday night near st. louis. the coast guard closed part of the river while the free-floating barges were recovered. the jefferson barracks bridge was shut down for about six hours after four of the barges hit the bridge. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch" budget cuts may mean delays at the airport and gas prices dip. erica ferrari is here with more. good morning, erica. >> good morning, anne-marie. expect delays at the airports now that the budget cuts are air traffic controllers at home. the biggest delays are predicted at l.a.x., o'hare, and laguardia. the faa slashed the budget by more than $600 million. mark rosenker, a former ntsb nannal list and cbs responsibility says the delays could hit for hours. >>> we're going to see delays for the carriers, the passengers, and frankly i believe for the economy. >>> the country's largest pilots union and the airline is trade association are suing to stop the fur lou. asian markets were mostly higher. tokyo's nikkei added about 2% to a nearly 5-year high. hong kong's hang seng added a fraction. essenti
Apr 23, 2013 4:00am PDT
is blamed for three deaths. as matt from our st. louis affiliate reports, even more rain is on the way. >> reporter: it has literally taken an army of volunteers, the national guard and even prisoners to do everything they issocl keep the water out of but as the mississippi river rises on the other side of that rock and sand wall, the concern is still growing on this side that the river will win out and flood this small town. in the overnight hours, volunteers have been working hard to shore up and strengthen that floodwall which has shown signs of weakening and even leaks. clarksville is like many towns along the mississippi river this week that are experiencing flooding after last week's torrential rains in the midwest. and while that floodwall is holding now here in clarksville, the worry is still here because there is more rain in the forecast. >>> some evacuated residents living near the fertilizer plant that exploded in texas are being let back into their homes. those living closest are still being kept away as investigators search the site for clues into how last week's explosio
Apr 22, 2013 2:00am PDT
is just about done. it's almost crested now in the mississippi river north of st. louis and we don't expect it to go much higher in st. louis either. so, in other words, the worst has been done the mississippi river and also grand rapids. very afraid of what would happen in grand rapids. that grand river breaked last night at 10:00 p.m. the other rivers, the one that has to crest slower journey on the illinois river will crest on tuesday in peoria and crest a little further to the south of there on wednesday and thursday. that's really the only river we'll have additional concerns through the rest of this week. now, we will have additional rain and raining near des moines but won't head over the flood zone into tonight or tomorrow and expect another half inch and not as bad as the last storm that dropped 4 inches. no additional concerns but another spring storm and cold one moving through the midwest. snow? rapid city. right through south dakota. that's also going to be a rainy day in south florida, on and off showers and thunderstorms where it will be warm and humid. bundle up in
Apr 22, 2013 2:30am PDT
to st. louis that will see the mississippi river cresting during the day today and as we go through tuesday the illinois river will crest and south of peoria on wednesday we'll see it crest. there is rain heading for the region but not enough to cause them to go back up but may stabilize and stay where they are and worry about levees getting overtopped but a half inch to an inch expected tonight into tomorrow in this same region of the country. been very soaked as of late. as far as the forecast goes today, umbrella day in florida. very warm, humid. thunderstorms especially from miami northwards up towards orlando and northwest, we're also watching some beautiful weather around seattle but the storm that moved through this weekend is producing snow this morning in areas from rapid city to south dakota. a few inches of snow, not like last week but could see a slick spot on the road and look towards tomorrow. we will see a little bit of rain possible up there in boston but much of the east coast will be okay and actually doing a little bit of a warming trend in that forecast so, again
Apr 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
. they will play the l-a dodgers today at 1:10 at dodger stadium. the giants will be facing the st. louis cardinals for their home opener at a-t-t park on friday. we are following baseball this morning as the regular season gets underway for both the giants and the athlethics today. >> taking a look at wall street this morning. futures trading shows all three indexes in the negative this morning. after the long holiday weekend investors will be anxious to see if the stock market can reach another milestone. as it did on thursday. the s-and-p closed at a record high, beating the mark it set back in october 2007. it rose six points thursday to close at 1,569. it's all-time high record is at 1,576. we'll be watching the stock market all morning long here on the kron four morning news starting at 6:30 with the opening bell. >> the high-tech companies in silicon valley are trying to make the workplace more fun and exciting. at apple's planned "spaceship headquarters," there will be a world-class auditorium, and an orchard for engineers to wander in. >> facebook is putting final touches on a disney- insp
Apr 14, 2013 4:00am PDT
and pretty big thunderstorms will rock the central plains from st. louis all the way to kansas city and into northwestern, arkansas. so, watch out a little bumpy. these temperatures are forecast this afternoon. wichita 87. but watch out, high
Apr 20, 2013 4:30am PDT
river between the quad cities and st. louis the biggest thread, maybe the third worst flooding we've seen and how ironic is it mississippi last spring we had such drought conditions and now we have such flooding and the problem, john and kristine, we have more rain coming this way on tuesday so that's where the biggest problems will be right around that same area. >>
Comedy Central
Apr 9, 2013 11:30pm PDT
historic chat in st. louis site of this queer's clinton global initiative university where every year college students present projects that make the world a better place. for instance, a few years ago jessica matthews april tended cgiu and designed a soccer ball that generates electricity for people in emerging economies. after 30 minutes of play it can power a light for three hours. best of all, you only have to watch 30 minutes of soccer. [ laughter ] so -- [cheers and applause] who knows what big idea will be next? jim? >> i headed over to the cgiu's exchange fair to check out some of the problem solving projects being presented by the brilliant young minds. but first i met up with some old friends. >> as far as i can tell the projects that you got these young people creating today, this is like a science fair but for noble causes, right? >> that's a pretty good characterization. >> thank you so much. my problem with this is the commitment part. why not just say we're going to do something and if we do, we do and if we don't, we don't. our hearts were in the right place. >> becaus
Comedy Central
Apr 29, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, a baseball fan? >> i am, i'm awe huge st. louis cardinals fan. >> jon: i'm sorry, i couldn't hear that. >> that was i of a nice rivalry in the 80s opinion you guy won one world series and thewent to lou. >> jon: and theyou men more in the 90s. i was really happy for you. we're thinking about starting a team again. >> you should get another new stadium. >> jon: and maybe we should model it after ebbet field for now real reason. it's modeled after the dodger stadium for no reason. there was a jackie robinson rotund ra, but when you first walk in there, you're like i don't know where i am. >> there was not a gary carter mullet station. >> jon: just an image of cleon jones lying in the back of the station wagon. >> lenny dykstra as a tobacco station. >> jon: we could do this for hours. >> we might. >> jon: >> jon: the great jon hamm, let him have it.ÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑÑ >> jon: that's our show. join uo
FOX News
Apr 27, 2013 1:30pm PDT
in missouri where floodwater from the mississippi river has breached a levee north of st. louis. authorities are urging some residents to leave their homes. crews are plug ago sand boil on the levee to help contain it and one top county official believes the worst of the flooding has passed. the latest on the hunt for answers into the boston marathon terror attacks. f.b.i. poring over evidence near a landfill near massachusetts dartmouth. where 19-year-old suspect dzhokar tsarnaev went to school and was allegedly spotted in his dorm room just days after the april 15th bombings. investigators are looking at the suspect's mother and whether she may have played a role to radicalized her sons. her name had been added to a terror watch list. i'm rick folbaum. i'll see at 6:00 eastern. now back to cashin' in. ♪ ♪ >> eric: lone student loan debt now over one trillion bucks and counting. new report more it goes up the less likely the economy will ever fully recover. so does one city have right it is start paying off some of the loans to prop up the own economy. you say tax money being used good
Apr 11, 2013 6:00am PDT
about for the last several days. this is still dropping tornadoes, one reported here in st. louis missouri. 36,000 people are without power, in ohio, pennsylvania, you have been seeing numerous reports of hail and high winds gusting up to 100 kilometers per hour. so a very complex system, everybody is getting a little piece of this across the eastern seaboard. now the good news going through friday, it will gradually taper off. we'll see it push off the eastern coast. temperatures are going to be cooling off. so if anybody has any travel plans throughout the weekend, it will be a much, much fairer weather for you to be able to get out and about here. let's talk about western europe here, now it's moving to germany and trans. and by the weekend, we're expecting another low pressure to move on. sop very gusty winds, rough waves near the coastlines, and heavy rain. so if you're out and about in london and paris -- and the mediterranean here, you've been getting hit by storms, but now temperatures are warming up and skies are clearing. here is your extended forecast. >>> the russian p
Apr 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
trader who's come to be known as the "london whale." the lawsuit on behalf of the st. louis police retirement system takes the bank's management to task for not having proper risk controls in place. that lack of oversight, it says, meant executives failed to catch high-risk trades and protect investors. two of the country's most high profile - and thorniest - issues, gun control and immigration, will be debated this week. the senate is shifting the immigration reform hearing from wedesday to friday. the delay reportedly is to give senators more time to read a bill that comes out today from senators marco rubio and seven other senators. meanwhile, cnn reports a compromise deal to expand background checks on guns sales does not have the support to win senate approval. the international monetary fund is holding spring talks in washington. officials at the imf, headed by christine legarde, say greece is on track to meet its economic targets, which clears the way for the next payment of bailout money. however, a deal to help egypt has floundered, and pressure will likely be exerted upon
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